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Key 9: Nature

Celebrate Nature

As promised, here is another photo of the fairy garden in progress.
Pause for a moment to deeply breathe into the world of imagination.
What is all around you that you overlook?
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As you help yourself, you help others.

Key 9: Nature

Week 30: The Gift of Nature

Dear Outdoorsy Enchanted Journeyers,
Can you believe that we are at the end of a month of nature watching? We, of course, will continue to bird watch and leaf watch, hug trees, etc., but our attention will shift to Enchanted Key #10-Meditation.
This past week I’ve been celebrating my decade-changing birthday at the beach.

Enchanted Breaths

Banish Stress with Enchanted Breaths

Wherever you are, whatever the season, immerse yourself in the scene in this photo.
Let the temperature be just right for you.
Take in a deep, restorative, refreshing and relaxing breath.
Feel the salty air slightly sting your nostrils.
Look at the sun dancing on the water.
See the powder blue sky and cottony clouds.
Listen for seagulls.


Brunch at Terrine

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