attitude, adjustment, family dynamics, Thanksgiving
Key 10: Meditation

Attitude Adjustment-Who Do You Want to Be For Thanksgiving?

Attitude Adjustment-Who Do You Want to Be For Thanksgiving?

Attitude adjustment may be just the thing to reduce your Thanksgiving holiday stress. Usually you get asked who or what you want to be for Halloween, but this is different. You might want to mindfully tweak an attitude or behavior to show up this holiday season in a way that’s aligned with the best of who you are now.

attitude, adjustment, family dynamics, Thanksgiving

Picture Perfect

We all have the Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving painting in mind at this time of year. The family is gathered together in gratitude. There’s laughter and the joyous feelings of connection and home. The food is delicious and everyone shares in the work and play.

The Real Deal

What usually happens in many family celebrations? People revert back to who they were in the family dynamics. The kids, now adults, slide back into their pecking order behaviors, there’s often eye rolling, and it may be accompanied by sinking feelings of disappointment, anger, and sadness. Everyone is tied to his or her cell phone and some may just want to watch football and scream at the players through the TV instead of converse with others about meaningful topics.

Politics Free Zone

Don’t even mention politics. If you missed last week’s post about leaving that at the door, here’s the link:

The Reality in Between

So how can you go home again? Meditate a bit, beforehand, on who you’d like to be for Thanksgiving.

Authentic Self

I’m not suggesting that you show up to Thanksgiving in costume as someone else. Rather, if you were to show up as your most evolved self, or the self that is more flexible, kinder, forgiving of others’ shortcomings, etc. what would that look like?


Sit quietly for a few minutes. Breathe deeply and exhale any tension that has accumulated in your body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Roll your head gently, your shoulders, arms, and legs, discharging tension.

Settle into a peaceful stillness and let your mind explore. Try on what an attitude adjustment would look like. How would you be different from the way you’ve been, and from what others might expect of you? What would you change? What can you say to yourself to stay on track?

Remember, you’re not in charge of someone else’s attitude adjustment, even if you wish you were. You’re only in charge of your own. Give yourself a high five and give it a go this Thanksgiving.

Take a big hug from me with you.

Your Enchantress.

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