Art Journals
Enchanted Breaths

Art Journals: A space to create the season

Art Journals offer you a space to create the season.

It’s time for your Enchanted Breath. May it be one of many stress-reducing breaths this spring.

Here is a page from my art journal. Not many words but the image says it all. Bright, vivid colors.

White, picket fences and enchantment that awaits on the other side of the gate. Fun. Playful.

Try your hand at it. Cut out images from magazines if the Dragons try to tell you that you’re not an artist. You are,  you know.

Draw in a deep and cleansing breath. Hold it at the top, like the apex of a tall tree, and release. Repeat. Shake winter (or the previous season) out of your bones. Visit your memories of spring, when you were a child. Step into a favorite one for a moment as you close your eyes, breathe, release, feel the bubble of excitement of this season ahead, and notice the smile that has spread across your face like clover in the grass.

Ahhhhh! Spring.

Not going to even take you out of that place this week. Maybe not for the whole season. Maybe not ever.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha and the aha! of life.” Breathe deeply.

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