Key 3: Journaling

Art Journaling: Uncover Some Forgotten Memories


Art journaling can uncover some beautiful, forgotten memories. We invite the mysteries of the Universe to appear when we allow images to be put onto a page. Art journaling is a magical way to play with art techniques, express yourself, co-create with your muse, release stress, document important moments, recall some buried ones, and have fun, all at the same time.


You just need a journal (either store-bought or homemade-tons of tutorials online) or even just some sheets of paper, and a pencil or pen. Of course it does up the fun factor if you add color through paints, colored pencils, stickers, rubber stamps, stencils, chalks, markers, patterned papers, ribbons, glitter, etc.

I’ve kept art journals for years. I can look back at a page without words and immediately remember what it means and how I felt when I created it. In choosing which page I’d share with you today, I intuitively selected a journal and opened it randomly. The image, above, was the one that appeared.

You Are My Sunshine


I never knew my paternal grandparents but I was extremely close to my maternal ones. My mother grew up in Brooklyn so I called them Grandmar and Grandpar. (You know how people from Brooklyn add “r”s to words that end in “a.” )

Anyway, my dear grandfather had grown up in a rough orphanage but became known as an orator. He taught me what he knew at an early age. Especially because I was so shy, when I did speak, he wanted me to speak eloquently. There’s never a time when I facilitate a workshop or address an audience, that I don’t think of him. May is the anniversary of his passing, so many many years ago. I recall every nuance of his twinkling eyes, intelligence, laughter, (he used to write his own jokes), and his glorious blend of sharp wit and soft edges. Both he and my grandmother were such kind and gentle people. I will forever miss them.

So back to art journaling. He used to always say, and sing to me, YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE. I was about 15 when he died and I remember thinking that I’d have to sing the song to myself. Such an odd thought. I feel happy whenever I hear it now, because that’s what he would want, for me to remember the happy times.

With this journal piece, I had gotten a rubber stamp of the sun. I had no idea how I’d use it so I put down a background, stamped the sun around it and had to leave to finish it another time because we were headed out to an art festival.


We were having a wonderful time, chatting with other artists, admiring their work, when I saw it. My response was audible, although no intelligent sounds came out of my mouth. The business card of one artist said YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE on it and that was it! I knew exactly what I’d do with it. I told her and she smiled, happy to be a part of the art I’d make. When we got home, I glued it onto the page, wrote a few words around it, and called it done.


If you discovered that you are one of those people, intimidated by a blank page, just color it up, schmear it with paint, get something down and after it’s dry, have at it. Put yourself on the page.

You don’t have to show it to anyone or you can share it. All up to you.

Try art journaling. Have fun and see what buried treasures you discover.

Stay enchanted!

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