Key 7: Movement

Align Your Spine and Reap the Benefits of Good Posture

Align Your Spine and Reap the Benefits of Good Posture

Align your spine and your mind and spirit will follow.
Stand up straight! Your parents didn’t pay me to remind you. I want you to know that when you align your spine, it helps you relieve stress, increase your range of flexibility, improve digestion and your self-esteem. Many of us were told, repeatedly in childhood, to stand up straight. For most of us, it was pretty annoying.

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Ill Effects of Poor Posture

However,  turns out to be sage advice. Do you realize that when you are stressed or exhausted you tend to hunch forward? This compresses your muscles, collapses organs, restricts breathing, impedes circulation and hampers the much-needed flow of oxygen to your brain. This further leads to mental confusion and can result in panic attacks and muscle spasms. Our parents likely just wanted us not to appear as pathetic “sad sacks,” but poor posture does so much more damage than that.

Enchanted Keys to the Rescue!

The Key to Mindfulness has you check yourself before your wreck yourself. Right now, straighten your spine from the base of your bum to the crown of your head, and don’t forget that your sweet regal self has a built-in crown. Notice how that feels. Do you have more room to breathe? Do you feel calmer, more self-confident? Consciously straighten your spinal column throughout the day to increase oxygen in your blood and tame the Dragons of Tension in your muscles and nerves.

The Perks of a Straight Spine

Elongated muscles can work more efficiently, so you can stoop, bend, twist, reach, run, dance, courtesy, bow, wave and blow kisses without restriction and additional exertion. Bad posture requires connective tissue and muscles to work overtime to support your weight. This wastes precious energy, which delights your Dragons and makes you very cranky.

Digestion is aided by allowing space around the involved organs. When there is no core muscle strength, our bodies pack fat around the organs to protect them. The result? A pot-bellied Dragon staring back at you in the full-length mirror.

Research has shown that people experience fewer headaches with good posture and increased lymphatic drainage, which releases toxins from your body. The Key to Reduced Clutter is earned as you say goodbye to the buildup of those toxins.

Use the Keys to Journaling and Meditation to observe your stress and posture for this week. Meditate on both and create changes. See if you aren’t more attracted to people who stand tall, commanding their vertical space and own yours.

Your Focus

Breathe deeply and align your spine!

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Stay enchanted!

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