Ahh, from the inside, out!
Enchanted Breaths

Ahh! From the Inside, Out

Hola! Enchanted Journeyers,

It’s almost Cinco de Mayo, (mañana) and time to breathe and remember to clear clutter in your physical body. I’m not talking about downing three prune smoothies, but rather honoring the temple of your body by not ingesting things that don’t serve it or aid in its optimum functioning.

Let’s do a quick visualization together. You know how great you feel when you’ve eaten cleanly, gotten great rest, have been out in the fresh air and have a bit of wiggle room in your tight jeans?

Even if you haven’t actually done that yet, close your eyes and try the image on. I promise it will fit. Breathe deeply and fully and exhale. Repeat. Picture yourself as if you’ve made healthy choices, immersed yourself in the music, the culture, and the celebration. See yourself enjoying a great time with friends and family and ending the night feeling so proud of yourself for the choices you’ve made! You switched from Margaritas to sparkling water and citrus, to use as a natural astringent to greasy food. You had just a taste of the traditional foods before switching to veggies dipped in salsa or bypassed the bad stuff all together.

Doesn’t it feel great to feel good? Yes! Take another deep breath in and, exhale, extinguishing the fire-breathing Dragon that eggs you on to make poor choices. You know it’s not worth the bloat, the pain, the heaviness, the loss of sleep, and toll it takes on your looks and organs. Another inhale and forceful exhale.

Shake your hands in the air as if you’re a rock star with maracas. Shake them harder. Lower your hands and roll your head gently around in one direction and then the other until the crunching sounds cease.

This is what alleviates your stress. Not that full pitcher (or five) at your table. Have fun but make yourself worthy of good choices.

You are the embodiment of enchantment.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha and the aha! of life.”

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