Key 4: Sensory Experiences Stress

Accomplishments Acknowledged Offer a Sense of Achievement


Accomplishments are the focus of this week’s Enchanted Breath. If you read Sunday’s Enchanted Blog post then you know that we took a look at graduations of all kinds and what to choose for the next level of learning.

On a smaller scale, I’d like to share the importance of stopping to acknowledge the completion of a task. Let’s face it, life’s a blur these days. We’re working harder and harder and doing more and more. Do you get to the end of an 18-hour day and can’t even really pinpoint what was accomplished? You know you worked all day. You’re completely aware of how stressed out you feel. But did you complete anything?



Goal setting, for quite awhile, seemed to have fallen out of favor, relegated to the old school ways of doing things, landing in the just-not-cool pile. I’m glad to see it’s making a strong comeback, though. Without goals, you don’t know what accomplishments have been achieved. There’s no stopping point for the day or week. There is only the long and growing Dragon-driven to-do list where nothing gets checked off.


So let’s use our midweek breath to consciously acknowledge the completion of even one completed task this week. If you have clean underwear on, because you did your laundry, then you have accomplished something. Did you go grocery shopping? Is your hair washed?

We all need to feel as though we are getting somewhere. The next step of the journey is to set destinations each day. When you go on a road trip from Georgia to California, you know you’re not going to drive it in one day. Are you the person who says, “Let me drive as far as I can, until I can’t focus, and then I’ll stop wherever I am for the night and do that again until I arrive? Or, are you the person who maps out the journey and says, “I’ll drive from Point A to Point B and no matter what time I get there (even if early) I’ll stop, eat, relax, and sleep until a set time to awaken and begin the next leg of the trip?”


Try setting small goals to accomplish your tasks each day and enjoy a sense of completion. In the midst of it all, remember to savor the sensory experiences. Mentally record the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures of the journey.


Time for your midweek Enchanted Breath. Take a really deep breath in, pulling your shoulders up toward your ears and on the exhale, release them back down. Repeat. Roll your head in one direction a few times and then the other.


Scan the day or the week that has passed. Note each accomplishment, large or small and give yourself an atta girl/boy. Smile. Pause. Acknowledge. Breathe. Do this at the end of each task before you move on to the next and you’ll begin less stressed.

In case you missed Sunday’s post, here’s the link:http://enchantedjourney.club/layer-sensory-experiences-learning/

Enchanted Breaths are the “Ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

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