Key 5: Reduced Clutter

5 Hacks to Clear Spiritual Clutter

Dear Enchanted Ones,
Here we are at Week 21 of the year and looking to clear space. This time it’s in the spiritual realm. You may not be able to see it, but it affects you.

So what am I referring to as spiritual clutter?

Spirituality is separate from religion, even though it connects you to the All There Is. You may think of it as God, or a Higher Power, but it is not necessarily aligned with a particular religious practice.

What spirituality is, is the link to your Divine essence, and the purity of your soul. It’s you, joined with the Highest Powers in the universe, conspiring to be a blessing to the planet. The opposite of that is clutter and needs to be cleared.

5 Hacks to Clear Spiritual Clutter:

1. Set aside time each day for quiet contemplation. (Even 15 minutes each morning is a nice way to set your intention for the day and 15 minutes each night to consider what you’ve done, what you’d like to shift and to offer gratitude is a great way to close it out.
2. Have daily and/or weekly times scheduled during which you go off the grid. (Turn off your cell phone, the TV, the bombardment of technology. And don’t you often also receive inspiration when you’re in the bath or shower? Hopefully you’re not bringing your technology in there!)
3. Take yourself outside and connect with nature. (Doesn’t need to be farther away than your own backyard.)
4. Schedule time in each day/week for activities that bring you joy! (The angels can communicate with you when you’re in the joy zone, whether you’re playing a musical instrument, making art, reading, gardening, etc.)
5. Sit in gratitude. (Even in the toughest of times, there are things for which we can be grateful. Focus on them.)

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