Take these 5 actions to declutter your physical space
Key 5: Reduced Clutter

5 Actions to Take Right Now to Clear Your Physical Space

Salutations, Expansive Journeyers,
I’m hoping that you’ve been practicing clearing clutter from your body, emotions, mind and spirit, this month and creating space. To close out our intense focus on Enchanted Key #5: Reduced Clutter, we will tackle the most familiar arena upon which clutter accumulates, the physical plane.

Reclaim your space but beware!

Dragons hide in cluttered spaces and don’t relinquish them easily. They’re already rehearsing speeches, complete with chest beating and Dragon tears. It’ll sound like: “You can get rid of that! Your children made that for you.” (That’s a good one.) Or you might hear, “I know you haven’t worn it in seventeen years but it’s still in great condition.” Then there’s the, “You know as soon as you let go of it, you’ll need it,” or the ever-popular guilt inducing ones, like, “But that was Uncle Lou’s favorite watch!” It won’t matter if it doesn’t work and isn’t nice enough to frame, you won’t be able to get rid of it if your Dragon says, “It doesn’t take up much room so just stick it back in the drawer.”

There are Universal things our Dragons tell us! Here are a few more:

“You can wear that shirt when you clean the house.”
“Don’t throw it out. You can find a button just like the others at the craft store.”
“But there’s nothing wrong with the left faucet! Keep it.”
“You might need to prove that you paid your electric bill in 1987.”
“They’re duplicates but you’re not going to throw away photos of your kids, are you?”
“You should make sock puppets with those lone socks.”

No, I haven’t been sleeping under your bed. I simply know how persuasive Dragons are and the depths to which they will stoop.

5 Actions to Take Right Now to Clear Your Physical Space:

Get rid of or recycle the following:
1. Old toothbrushes.
(You don’t need to clean your faucets with desiccated food from the bristles.)
2. Daily email.
(Cyberspace counts as physical space. Either file emails to be read or respond and delete. Don’t write a novel when a few words will suffice. Click on FROM to see all emails from the same person so that many can be addressed at once.)
3. Technology parts.
(Empty that drawer, trunk, POD of electrical wires, cords, keyboards, etc. from all of the old computers you got rid of. Ask a teenager you trust how to save a chip or memory card that has your info on it.)
4. Pens that only write every other word.
(I’ve mentioned them before but the Dragons may have stored some in your drawer, purse, desk, etc. since you last cleared them.)
5. Towels that are stained, torn, or worn.
(How many towels do you really need to wash your car, your dog or for gardening?)

Take your first step on the journey toward reducing clutter and your path will clear.

You’re on your way to the Land of Ahh.

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