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Chakra Colors: the Key to Proficiency and Deficits in Balancing Energies

Here it is, midweek again. Time for your enchanted breath through chakra colors. Sunday’s post invited you to look at balancing your chakras everyday. How’s that working out for you?



Let’s do an experiment. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s any unconscious material to be healed in the chakras that your conscious mind is unaware of. I would like you to rank the following seven colors that are associated with your chakras, or energy centers, from your most favorite to the least.

  1. Red-  
  2. Orange-
  3. Yellow-
  4. Green-
  5. Blue-
  6. Indigo-
  7. Violet-


  1. Red-base of spine or pubic bone=teachings from your family of origin and how you integrate them with your beliefs now
  2. Orange-sexual organs=creativity, finances, sexuality, and betrayal
  3. Yellow-solar plexus=self-esteem and personal power
  4. Green-heart and lungs=compassion for the self and others, matters of the heart, and smothered or abandoned love
  5. Blue-throat=speak your truth and exert your will
  6. Indigo-third eye=intuition
  7. Violet-crown of the head=connection to Divine Source


Look at your list and notice whether your favorite color is an area in which you are the most proficient. Now look at your least favorite, and see whether you operate in this realm at a deficit. Notice which colors you surround yourself with and which colors you tend to avoid in your clothing or decor.

You may discover that the colors you avoid on the chakra chart, you also avoid in their related issues.


Let’s begin our enchanted breath work. Inhale deeply and fully, and exhale stagnant energy and tension. Repeat. Focus on your least favorite color on the chakra chart and its corresponding issue. For example, if blue is your answer, then you may have trouble speaking up for yourself.


As you continue to release tension from your muscles and nerves, relax your body and breathe easily and effortlessly. Begin to visualize yourself speaking your truth with ease. Easy and effortlessly, you express yourself.

Check in with your physical body and release tension. Continue to breathe and see yourself as already having gained mastery over your challenging issue. Imagine it feeling wonderful to have made such progress.

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Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life!”


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