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Let’s Walk in the Woods For Our Midweek Enchanted Breath

Hellloooooo Enchanted Journeyers! Sunday’s blog post was about using meditation to calm road rage. Now it’s time for your midweek, enchanted breath. Let’s take you as far away from traffic as possible.


In fact, let’s take a walk in the woods. Imagine yourself with me, your Enchantress, and many other journeyers, moving along the same path. We’re all on a mission to banish stress. We’re training our dragons to protect us instead of chasing us. We’re using our key ring, with Ten Enchanted Keys, as techniques that will move us from the Stress Spot to the Land of Enchantment. That offers a tranquil, sensory-rich experience of life.


We’re entering a trail. Overhead is a canopy of trees. We breathe in the air that has made the leaves on the trees heavy with morning dew. We can hear the sound of crows, ravens, and hawks, each with his or her own call as we move ahead. We see acorns and their tops and we know that they will make for fine fairy hats. We walk along a creek, twigs snapping underfoot. We’ve walked about two miles in, just far enough to forget our to-do lists, our chores that call and the stresses we left behind.


We smell a woodsy smoke and see more of our friends, up ahead, who have come to surprise us. They’re at the fire pit with sticks and marshmallows and a bowl of fresh, just-picked apples. There are rough and sturdy logs to sit on and we make a circle around the pit. There are no Dragons in sight. Ahhh.

We sit for awhile, roasting marshmallows and getting the sticky faces of our childhood back once more. We crunch into those juicy, delicious apples and all is right with the world.


Spend a few minutes here, inviting all of the sensory experiences. We’ll get back in time. Don’t worry.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha and the aha! of life.”

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