Art Key 10: Meditation Stress

Not Meditating: Are Any of These Excuses Yours?

Not meditating?


Do you find the idea of meditation overwhelming? If so, does that tell you how used to being busy every second you have become? The thought of sitting still and quieting your mind may seem stressful.



I discuss the importance of meditation with people daily. I’ve been told that they are not meditating because it’s a waste of time. This is a throwback to the human doing versus the human being.

Some are afraid of the truth that will surface. One woman shared that if she truly got quiet and listened to her heart, she would have to leave her marriage. She said she can’t deal with all that would entail, so she’s not meditating or journaling. It’s her way to “keep her life intact for her young children.”

My question to her was, but what is this costing you personally? How much of yourself are you having to lock away? What unconscious messages are you sending your children about relationships, being a woman, a wife, and a mother?

Other people are not meditating because they feel like they don’t have time. Dr. Stephen Rechtshaffen calls this “time poverty.” They barely have time to do everything that’s required of them. So there is no time left to do what they desire or is good for them. They would have to interrupt the to-do list, fall behind on tasks, and then be obligated to do something with the inspirations gleaned during the meditation.

Those who are resistant to meditation say that they would only fall asleep. They see no point in meditating. If you are one of the sleep deprived among us, what better way to grab some restorative rest than in a peaceful meditation? Since Earth time and space time are different, a 20-minute meditation can feel like a two hour nap.

As we begin our month-long focus on Enchanted Key #10-Meditation, answer these questions and post them to share if you dare.

  1. Do you meditate?
  2. If so, how often?
  3. If not, what is the reason?
  4. What perks would you love to receive if you created a regular meditation practice?

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll share with you reasons and ways to meditate that may make the process less intimidating and get you on the path to a happier, healthier, more productive you!

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