Enchanted Breaths Key 9: Nature Stress

Water: Let it Heal Your Stress

Water: Let it help you relax. It’s time for our midweek enchanted breath. We are also at the end of our month-long focus on Enchanted Key #9-Nature. Remember to still connect with nature each day and keep it in your awareness as a healing tool.



For today’s breath, realign your soul at a body of water. Anywhere and any amount is just right. Amniotic fluid was your first experience of floating in the sea of comfort and weightlessness. Now you may find yourself standing under a waterfall, on a sailboat out in the ocean, or walking along a creek. Maybe you’re splashing through rain puddles.


Do you know how rested and healed you feel after a trip to the beach? Some of it’s due to a break in your insane routines of daily life, and the rest, due to the negative ions present. Ions are invisible molecules or atoms in the air that have either a positive or negative charge. They have no taste or odor. Remember from science class that when an atom is neutral it’s because the number of protons and electrons are equal? When they’re not equal they either become positively or negatively charged.


The positive ions are created from forest fires, lightning, or UV rays. Nature produces the healing negative ions in abundance when molecules in the air separate due to evaporation, ocean waves, waterfalls, and some minerals, such as Tourmaline.


Choose your body of water now. Take a deep and cleansing breath in and release. Take another deep and cleansing breath, detecting the unique scent of the water at your place of peace. Exhale deeply. Take one more deep and cleansing breath, filling your nostrils with the fragrance of healing water and exhale all of your stress, toxins, and impurities.

Spend a few moments watching the movement of the water in your mind’s eye. Listen to the sounds that are present. Do you hear crashing waves or the trickle of a stream gliding over rocks? Continue to breathe in the smells associated with this place of peace. Taste the air. Is it salty? Fresh and clean? Is there a mossy taste to it? Imagine yourself touching the water with your hands to splash it, or with your feet as you wade into it.


Now imagine yourself just floating in the water or you could be on a raft. You’re safe from harm and can drift with the current, if there is one. Float, weightless, just like you did in your mother’s womb. Visualize the water pulling all of the stress out of your body, your mind, and your spirit, carrying it away from you. The pollution of your stress becomes transformed into glistening sunlight on the water.

Spend a few moments experiencing the deep relaxation and healing properties of water. It’s a gift from Mother Nature. Enjoy it.

Enchanted breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

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