Enchanted Breaths Key 9: Nature Moon Cycles

Lunar Eclipse: The Last One of 2016

The final eclipse of 2016 occurs this Friday, September 16th. It’s a lunar eclipse that urges us to pay attention to revealed truth. So as we take our midweek breath to restore and refresh ourselves, let’s explore the idea of truth.


A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth is in the middle between the sun and the moon, in a straight line. Does that mirror any situation in which you find yourself? What is partially hidden? What is revealed? What is authentic and what is not?

Take a deep cleansing breath in through your nose and release through your mouth. Take another deep and cleansing breath in through your nose, pause at the top, and release. Truth. What is true for you? As you review a spontaneous list of your personal truths, allow each one to drop you deeper and deeper down into a state of recalibration and relaxation. Feet flat on the floor, let the tension melt away from your body, down through the bottoms of your feet, and into the earth. Ask for the released tension to be transmuted into something positive.

Take inventory of your physical body. Release tension where it exists in your feet, your legs, your knees, the backs of your thighs, your hips, and your belly. Continue to release tension from your chest and your arms, relaxation spreading down your arms and out through your fingertips. Let your shoulders fall away from your ears, giving you space to speak your truth quietly and clearly. Let the relaxation occupy your mind with thoughts of peace, tranquility, and truth.

Very slowly and comfortably, return your attention to the room and your present surroundings, feeling relaxed and refreshed as you step into a more authentic version of yourself.

Enchanted breaths are the “Ahh, the haha and the aha! of life.”

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