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Computers-Is That What We Are Now?

Computers-is that what we are now? After you read this, step away from your technology device!                                          (Is this angel about to take a selfie?)

Step Away from the Computer

In no way could I have imagined posting an enchanted Fireside Friday about a crashed hard drive. But here it is. Picture this. We were returning from a family vacation in which there had been hours of staring at the various shades of blue, green, and teal in the ocean. From the outdoor bed on our second story balcony we sipped Chai tea and watched dolphins arc out of the water as they played. It was idyllic. We walked on the beach and I felt the tension in my body melt away in the hot sun that reflected off the sugary white sand. Ahh. It will be a meditative happy place for many morning meditations to come.

Meanwhile, on the five hour car ride home, I had intended to complete the online Enchanted Journey courses I’ll teach, go through hundreds of emails, complete blog posts, and upload my new art to Etsy. Apparently the Universe had something else in store. I turned the computer on and the screen remained dark. There were beeps in a sequence, blaring a warning. It was not overheated. It had been protected. Beeping darkness. I turned it off.

Do you know that feeling? Your stomach tightens, tears collect in your throat and then stream from your eyes, steel bars house your heart and tension seizes your shoulder blades. Your mind races and you picture all of the negative ways in which this loss of technology will impact you.

Once home, the mileage I racked up going back and forth to the Geek Squad and the Apple Store could have taken me back to the beach. And then there it was. The gemstone in all of it. In his explanation of what occurred, the tech rolled out a metaphor that hit me in my core.

I’m sharing because it is likely that some version of this has also happened to you. Exquisite, and also painful to hear, he said, “Let me explain it like this. We thought it was your RAM, or memory board, that got jostled around but it appears to be your logic board.” At first this was just Geek speak. He continued. “Your RAM is your memory but your logic board holds all of the information you are working on. It’s as if it were doing too many things at once, got overwhelmed, and just shut down. It didn’t crash and die. It recognized that it was unable to function and so shut itself down in order to preserve itself.”

I know you get that he was describing more than what went on with my computer. Are we striving to be computers now?

It turned out that nothing could be retrieved from it, however, I had kept an external hard drive plugged into it so that the majority of my data was not lost. Thank goodness! Some loss did occur with information held in folders on an email server that didn’t transfer over with the emails.

The important thing here is to recognize how we push ourselves and get overwhelmed until often we are unable to function. I sat on the floor of my art studio and had a heart to heart talk with the Angels.

Me: Did it have to be so harsh?

Angels: Yes. You weren’t listening.

The truth is that I do live The Enchanted Journey and yet get out of balance sometimes because I’m a human Enchantress. While I lost a few hundred emails, I have to admit that there is freedom in beginning with a clean slate.

The angels reminded me to balance work and play and create clear boundaries around time and energy expended. The calendar needs white space, too. I’ve changed the way in which I worked continuously until I completed a task, to working until a specific time each day and then stopping.

We’ll move gently forward on the path, together. No crashing and burning on my watch. Let me invite you to revisit the way in which you handle the work/play balance.

We want to do our work in the world, make memories, preserve them, and not overload our logic boards.

Stay enchanted!

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