Enchanted Breaths Key 7: Movement

Stand Up For Yourself

Stand up for yourself, Enchanted Journeyers! Standing can increase circulation and heart rate, burn calories, rev up insulin production and flush out fat accumulated in the blood.

July 27-EB-stand up desks with text

As mentioned previously, The Huffington Post wrote a piece stating that the popular standing or treadmill desks have not been studied enough to support the efficacy of the practice but we do know that standing is good for you and movement is key. Alternate sitting and standing.

For now, let’s sit for your Enchanted Breath this week.

Push your chair back so you don’t clonk your head on the table.

If you’re at work, alert your cubicle mates so they don’t call 9-1-1 when you’re slumped over your desk.

Deep, cleansing breath in and release as you:

-Place your hands on top of your knees

-Fold from the waist

-Rest your head on your hands.

-Relax into the stretch.

Another deep, cleansing breath in and release as you:

-Put your forehead on your knees.

-Allow arms to dangle

-Let hands rest on the floor

-Breathe there for a moment

-Slowly sit upright

-Look upward

-Reach toward the sky with a slight arch in your back.

-Hold this seated sun salutation for another moment

-Repeat the sequence.

Open your eyes if you’ve closed them, stand, and walk around for a few minutes before sitting again. Stay mindful of the stress-busting, then circulation-inducing, benefits and remember to do this often, about once an hour would be great!

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha and the aha! of life.”

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