Enchanted Keys Key 7: Movement

Old School Workouts-New School Thoughts

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Dear Enchanted Journeyers, are you ready for Old School Workouts and New School Thoughts? Have you been adding more movement into your life? In our exploration of Enchanted Key #7-Movement, let’s look at old school workouts and some newer twists to getting in shape.

OLD SCHOOL: Having fun outside, playing sports and doing P.E. style exercises (without the ugly gym suits) can be your throwback workout routine that feels new again. Do you remember your junior high (middle school) P.E. teacher? Mine was very cute and  that was the only reason I was able to do jumping jacks, squat thrusts, push ups and toe touches. We had to run the 50 and 100 yard dash, as well as several laps around the track. Ours was not a formal track with cushioned fibers upon which our specially designed track shoes lighted. We had Keds sneakers and ran across broken concrete and grass, sprayed with toxic white paint to designate the route.

I’m hearing that people are opting for gym equipment in their basements at home, again, consisting of free weights or a single machine that works all of the muscle groups. Some have special equipment like kettle bells or spin cycles bikes and can take classes by streaming videos on their computers or phones in order to work out with an online group. You can do a yoga workout or Zumba class in the privacy of your own home with a bathroom and shower nearby for convenience.

If you read the post on Household Fitness http://wp.me/p7o4Sx-4JS then you know the number of calories burned by performing many of your cyclical chores.

Here are a few more old school tips for keeping your body moving and burning calories.

-Stand, instead of sitting.

The Huffington Post wrote a piece about the standing desks, saying that there have not been enough extensive studies done to support the efficacy of the practice of standing or treadmill desks. Current research states that it isn’t healthy to sit for ten hours during the workday, even if you go to the gym to work out afterward. Alternating between sitting and standing, hourly, is a better choice.

Do leg lifts while watching a 30-minute show on TV. Every time a commercial comes on, switch to arm raises for the duration.

Do arm lifts. Hold cans of food in each hand to increase the intensity a bit, while doing arm lifts. (Do not eat the contents of the cans following the workout.)

Make Love.  This burns calories, around 144+ per half hour, according to Woman’s Day magazine. Also works major muscle groups.

Eat raw vegetables. Eating raw foods is associated with weight loss because they’re full of enzymes which aid metabolism. Raw foods are alkaline, which rids the body of toxins trapped in fat, and aren’t calorie dense. You can eat a small portion of raw vegetables and feel full. It takes longer to chew raw food as well.

Leave us a comment about what movement you will add in to get yourself moving more.


Are you tired, anxious or stressed? Do you hold tension in your physical body? If so, you are likely also stressed in your mind, spirit and emotions. Shake off those cobwebs and listen to Enchanted Key #7 -Movement Meditation.

Movement Meditation

Click here to listen to the meditation. 


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