Key 2: Altered Perceptions

Flip it! Change Your View of the World.

Flip it! Change Your View of the World.

Welcome to Week 9 of 2016, and the Enchanted Key of the Month, #2-Altered Perceptions. This closes out the month of study for this key. It’s been about flipping it, changing the way you look at who you were, vs. who you’ve become, and how you wish to configure the vision of you, moving forward.

Ask yourself: In what areas of my life do I need to change my perception?

Some common stressors that vex the spirit may not necessarily be eliminated, but they can be altered. Here’s a list of ideas to flip five pesky cyclical tasks that appear again, soon after they’ve been completed. The challenge: How can you flip this to make it enchanting?

  1. Laundry- Paint your laundry room a vibrant color. Burn incense or use an aromatherapy diffuser to scent the air and clothes. Take the basket outside and fold them in the fresh air. Put kids to work, matching socks and folding their clothes while you do yours. Play music that stirs your soul.
  2. Cooking- Most people either love it or hate it. If you hate it, find someone who loves it and exchange meals or prep work for what you do well and love to do. Maybe you love yard work and can commit to a weekly clean up while meals are prepared for you. Plan ahead if the stress is from last minute scrambling. The average person apparently prepares about 12 basic meals and creates variations. On Sunday, set your meals for the week: a pasta night, breakfast-for-dinner, soup and salad, stir-fry, etc. Shop for it all at once. Do the prep chopping and put in containers then all week you are just assembling food and/or eating/heating it.
  3. Driving- Road rage has become an unsafe epidemic of untamed stress. Find a way to enjoy your commute. Change the times you go into or leave work. Make a request. If you don’t ask, you certainly won’t get. Propose to work from home on select days. Save your favorite music for the journey in your car. Rub a few drops of calming essential oil on your steering wheel. Practice smiling while you drive. Relax your tight stomach muscles. Rather than engaging in Dragon battle, move out of the way of the “crazies” so you don’t become one.
  4. Cleaning- Hire someone if you can. Share responsibilities and delegate when possible. Plan a weekly fun together time as reward for the completed chores. Focus on the high traffic areas of your home and do those more often than other areas that can get away with a quick dusting and vacuum. Challenge yourself by setting a personal best in time required to complete the task.
  5. Bills/home office duties- The Dragons sit in there and wait for you. I know they do. Maybe your challenge is too huge to even begin, so you do nothing until you must move to the floor to have space. Pick one thing to do and do that and stop. Next time do one more thing. Put your bill-paying day on the calendar and stick to it. Filing day goes on the calendar. Write each task on a Post-It Note and put that note on the calendar. Reward yourself in small but positive ways each time you complete a task.

Now consider five areas that are groan-worthy but so important to be on top of changing your view about:

  1. Love relationships- Whether in one or looking for one, keep yourself clear and open. Journal, meditate, attract someone to your highest self. Air your grievances as they occur, with dignity and grace, owning your perceptions, so resentment doesn’t build.
  2. Family- Express yourself to your family. Take responsibility for who you are and how you communicate and keep the channels open. Sometimes, even family members are unable to see you as you are. Bless them and carry on being your best authentic and compassionate self.
  3. Work environment- Look at your workspace, relationships with co-workers, etc. each week with an eye to what can be improved. Keep that focus.
  4. Community- Are you invisible in your neighborhood or community? If you do nothing but smile at your neighbors, you are doing something important and powerful. Consider what else you might do to be a light in your area.
  5. Global- On a grander scale, what are you doing to help heal this broken world? Can you see it as whole and how you can be part of the repair? A tiny hole, once sewn closed, can prevent a huge, irreparable tear. Instead of complaining, what can you offer?

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