Key 2: Altered Perceptions

Perception is Everything. Make it Positive.

Perception needs to be questioned. Assumption needs to be banned. Let’s look for the positive and we’ll be more likely to find it. Altered Perceptions allow you to change the way you look at and listen to others. Without defensiveness and negative assumptions, tranquility and greater understanding are possible.

Welcome to Week 6 of 2016, and the Enchanted Key of the Month, #2-Altered Perceptions. This key is all about looking at what stresses, upsets, angers, saddens you, etc. and coming up with another way to view it. It’s the ol’ take lemons, make lemonade and now we will sweeten it with a dash of enchantment!

One of our Journey Guides, Phillip Rice, a researcher in the field of stress management, defines perception as “the interpretation and organization of all information provided to the brain by the senses.” He adds, “Interpretation suggests that some meaning is connected to the information and a value judgment made about it.”

We make everything mean something! Often we get upset because we think someone intentionally tried to hurt us with their words or actions. We may respond in a nasty way. You know the Dr. Freud expression, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar?” It is. Language comprised of words, has an agreed-upon concept of what is meant by using those specific words. Body language, too, has suggested signals, but often, the signals aren’t clear, are misread or misunderstood.

Our job is to make ourselves abundantly clear in our communication, listen well to others and ask if we are being understood and are understanding them. It helps to have a positive outlook and offer the benefit of the doubt to others. We need to take ourselves off the psychic network, thinking that we know what everyone else is thinking, intending, meaning–because we don’t.

For the whole month of Febrary, let’s be mindful, (building on our skills from Enchanted Key #1-Mindfulness) of intentionally delivering our communications with a positive attitude, not making assumptions (you know what’s said about that!) and offering the benefit of the doubt when conversing or simply living in the world with other people.

Before we even begin to alter the perceptions, let’s just notice how many times this week we jump to conclusions or experience unnecessary negativity.

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