10 Keys to Manifesting Your Goals
Enchanted Keys

10 Keys to Manifesting your Goals

Dear Wandering Journeyers,

Let’s talk about goal setting.

I’m a graduate of B-School. It’s an intense, 8-week entrepreneurial business program, founded and facilitated  by Marie Forleo, and offered to people desiring to run an online business. I can’t wait to create more products and services to offer you!

In school I was always about the syllabus. I loved to receive that sheet of paper mapping out the path to a degree. Without it, I tend to begin several projects in a zigzag fashion, which results in nearly no measurable productivity and then the completion of twelve projects at once.

May 5th  marks the three-year anniversary of my mother’s passing. She was my greatest cheerleader, coach and critic. (Not Dragon variety.) She used to ask me nightly, “What have you accomplished today?” There was a period of time when that was not met with enthusiasm. However, in these past few years without her, I have heard myself asking, “What have I accomplished today?”

As I completed the challenges of B-School, I had that old familiar sense of moving toward a destination. There’s nothing wrong with setting out to travel and seeing where the road takes you, but if you’re a goal-oriented person, as I am, it can be difficult to know when you’ve arrived at your destination if you didn’t set one at the start.

Marie says, “Engagement comes from action, not thought.” You can think your goals to death and never move off the couch. As long as there’s action, you can’t go wrong. You can try something and, if it doesn’t work, tweak it or trash it and try something else.

Here are 10 guiding principles, or 10 Keys to Enchantment, as I like to call them, to steer you toward manifesting your goals:

Key #1: Mindfulness to get clear on your goals, your actions and put them on the calendar.

Key #2: Altered Perceptions lets you turn negative thoughts around so that you can experience a sense of fulfillment and arrival at your destination.

Key #3: Journaling offers a place for your “true north,” as Journey Guide, Julia Cameron calls it, to emerge. It’s the heart’s desire and purpose that keep appearing on the page.

Key #4: Sensory Experiences of life can be a goal itself.

Key #5: Reduced Clutter in your mind and life. You can deviate from the path to pick flowers but then return to the direction of your dreams.

Key #6: Humor–  keep your wits about you. It will make the journey more pleasant and the load, lighter.

Key #7: Movement–  combine keys and do a walking meditation for 20 minutes daily to set your intention for the three things you’d like to accomplish each day.

Key #8: Art – Draw symbols that represent your goals. A heart-to foster relationships. A square-to think outside of the box. A triangle-to offer a warning sign to change a habit. Use your imagination.

Key #9: Nature– Everything’s better when we dwarf ourselves to the grand beauty of our world and are in sync with nature.

Key #10: Meditation–  Sit on the cushion just long enough to get clear on what action you’d like to take.

With a nod to my dear mother, what will you accomplish this week, month or year?

Please post a comment to share with all of us. As we connect, we strengthen ourselves, and our bond to the Universe.


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